Life with no cell phone

How did we ever manage before smart phones? Or cell phones? I don't know, but I got a good reminder recently when my iphone 6 suddenly died for no apparent reason. I lived without a phone for five days and it was truly bizarre.

The reaction I got from people when I told them I didn't have a cell phone ranged from deep sympathy to a shudder, as if I had told them I was about to go eat grilled dog. As I went about my days, I reached for that phantom phone and stopped with the memory of not having it at least once an hour. Should I bring home dinner tonight? Did my son make it home ok? Oh look at this great thing that I need to photograph...and post on Facebook. NOPE.

OK, there was a little bit of freedom with this untethered lifestyle. No need to check in with anyone over my every move, no requests that need to be addressed since the requests cannot even be made. I almost felt like I was living dangerously. Like I had a secret life.

When I did get my new phone, for reasons that I won't bother going into here but are totally my own fault, I lost a lot of photos and data. Forever. In other words, I lived lots of great experiences but don't have the numerous photos to gaze at...when? Someday? I told this to a few people and they reacted with horror. I chose to shrug my shoulders, literally and figuratively. I remember the days when you had to have a camera, and buy film and pay to have it developed to have photos. So we didn't have many back in the day. And somehow we didn't just survive, we thrived in spite of that.

I reflected how, at a recent stage show, the couple in front of us took several selfies WITH FLASH while sitting in the dark theater during the show. They also took about fifty pictures of this musical performance. I wonder how much one can truly enjoy a live show while focusing on taking photos of it that will probably never be looked at again. And did they really need those selfies so badly that it was important to bother everyone around them with their flashes?

Now I'm really sounding old - GET OFF MY LAWN! Seriously folks, I now have my phone again. Candy Crush is happening. Facebook and Messenger is rolling. What did I learn? To roll with the punches. To be present. To maybe even purposely leave my phone at home once in a while. Most importantly, if my biggest problem is losing some photos, my life is blessed indeed.

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