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8th to 11th: Voice of the Fair, Napa Town and Country Fair                 

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Thursday 10th

A Night at the Dream Bowl: 1940s

Blue Note Napa 

Take our time machine to the 1940s to visit this iconic dance hall that was located on the Napa/Vallejo highway. Every big band of the day played at the Dream Bowl; Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and more. Kellie sings with Mike's swinging band of piano, bass, drums, trumpet, trombone and saxophones!

A full house is expected so get your tickets today to avoid disappointment!

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Recent Past

24.04.21 - Kellie Fuller - 1080x1080.jpg

April 5
The Empress Marquee, Vallejo CA
w/The Mike Greensill Trio "The Lady is a Vamp: Tribute to the Rat Pack


Friday, February 23rd
The Purple Room, Palm Springs, CA
Guest Artist, Jim Caruso's Cast Party


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